Join the Brainiacs to become...
A Trainee Brainiac Detective!
There has been a robbery at Brainiac HQ! Help the Brainiacs solve the crime and use the power of forensic science to try finding who is guilty. This 60-minute hands-on immersive activity led by the Brainiacs provides your young detectives with the chance to use real forensic techniques to discover clues and help solve a mystery.
The ultimate Brainiac Astronaut!
It’s 2037 and the Brainiac Team are ready to explore new worlds and the red planet but need your help to design, build and launch you very own rocket. This non-stop 60 minute activity, led by the Brainiacs provides young Astronauts and their families with an opportunity to develop rocket design, engineering and space exploration skills!


Brainiac Academies are highly interactive workshops designed to engage young minds with exciting STEM activities that capture the imagination and spark curiosity. Children will be led through the workshops by our high-energy and entertaining Brainiacs and experience the thrill of learning as they achieve their mission goal of solving the mystery of the missing lab coat, or launching their own prototype rockets to Mars. 
Academy Duration
60 mins per session

Academy Capacity
Up to 40 Children per session

Day Schedule

Book up to 3 Academy sessions
in 1 day

Suitable for

Lower & Upper KS2
(Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6)


  • Access to a large classroom or school hall
  • Tables & chairs (suitable for group work)
  • Access to a projector or large screen with sound
  • Access to 2 x 13 amp power sockets
  • Staff to support children throughout the Academy sessions
For more information on prices and how to book for your school please contact