The show based on the award winning science tv series
live on stage!

It’s all good educational fun
The Guardian


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2017 Touring Dates

14th January – Theatre Cymru Llandudno Take Part festival

11.30am and 3pm

11th February – Royal Hippodrome Eastbourne
2pm and 4.30pm
15th February – Bacon Theatre Cheltenham 
16th February – Komedia Bath
5th April – Southend Palace Theatre 
1.30pm and 4.30pm
7th April – The Hafren, Newtown
22nd April – Newbury Corn Exchange
2pm and 4.30pm

Running time

60 mins

About the show

It’s all good educational fun
The Guardian

Strap on your safety goggles boys and girls, due to popular demand Science’s greatest and most volatile live show is returning with a vengeance. Based on the multi-award winning TV show, Brainiac Live! is back. More mischievous than ever before Brainiac Live! will take you on a breathless ride through the wild world of the weird and wonderful. Expect exploding dustbins, combusting microwaves and loads of live daredevil stunts! Watch from the safety of your seat as the Brainiacs delve fearlessly into the mysteries of science and do all of those things on stage that you’re too scared to do at home!


Brainiac Detective Academy

Join the Brainiacs and become a Trainee Brainiac Detective!

There has been a robbery at Brainiac HQ! Put your personal Brainiac Detective Badge on and help the Brainiacs solve the crime and use the power of Forensic Science to try finding who is guilty.
In this 60min interactive hands-on workshop you will learn about the different types of fingerprints and how to extract them from crime scenes. You will also try to analyze the ink used to write the ransom note and a footprint found at the crime scene to find who committed the crime. Can you find the hidden clues that lead to the right suspect?

Come help us solve this mystery and become an official member of the Brainiac Academy!